Join us in shaping the future of Esports

Every organization is more than the individuals working for it. It is the effort of a team that unites in creating something big together. Together we work hard, we laugh a lot, use lots of post-its every week while brainstorming concepts non-stop. Other companies offer “perks”, while we are straight up saying that you can play video games at work. Sounds fun? Come join us!

Pro-tip: Don’t address your emails to us as “Dear Sir/ Ma’am”.

Culture & workspace


Running an esports organization requires more than just a couple of PCs and teams in the best games. There is a whole ecosystem of supporting staff and managers that make sure our organization is always growing. Esports has grown at a massive rate since the early days and we are fortunate enough to be able to do what we love. (Yes, we get to play video games at work!)